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Howdy! We will be making the switch to our new website within the next coming weeks! Make sure to take a look at our facebook page to keep up with updates and pictures of the team! Thanks and Gig'em!


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SIRA Results 4/19

Results from yesterday at SIRA:
Women's novice 8: 2nd place
Men's novice 4: 4th place
Women's Open 4: 2nd place
Men's open 4: 4th place
Women's novice 8: 5th place
Women's open 4: 6th place
Men's open 4: 3rd place

SIRA Regatta

Howdy friends and family of Texas A&M Crew! We are very excited to begin our journey to Oak Ridge, Tennessee this weekend for our last regatta of the season, SIRA! We will keep you updated with our status and results as we compete Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for all of your support!

Heart of Texas - 2015

Heart of Texas is an annual 1,000 meter race held at Lady Bird lake in Austin, TX.  We had a great day of racing on Saturday, thank you to all the parents, friends, and family of Texas A&M crew who came out and supported the team!  Our race results are as follows:


Men’s Open 8 Semi-finals

Boat A – 2nd place with time 3:20.23

Boat B – 5th place with time 3:42.93


2015 S.W.E.A.T. Erg Competition

S.W.E.A.T. consisted of 2k ergometer races in the Novice Men, Open Men, Novice Women, and Open Women catergories in Dallas, TX.  We had a great day of competition on Saturday by everyone.  Special shout-out to our Novice Women who swept the competition!  Our results are as follows:

Novice Women Lightweight

Ali Christie – 2nd place with time 8:28.5

Kaitlin Burg – 4th place with time 10:04.8


Head of the Colorado - Fall 2014

The Head of the Colorado (PumpkinHead Regatta) is a 5,000 meter rowing head race held annually on the last Saturday of October in Austin, TX.  We had a great day of racing last Saturday, and saw a lot of success from all our rowers!  Please see our Photos tab to check out some pictures of the regatta.  Our race results are as follows:


Men’s Novice 4+:

Boat 1:

5th place with time 16:47.7

Boat 2:

9th place with time 18:53.4

Head of the Oklahoma - Fall 2014

We had a great day of racing on Saturday!  The OCU Head of the Oklahoma included 2.5 mile head racing during the day and 500m OGE NightSprints Saturday evening under permanent lights -  the only permanently lighted race course in the world.  We competed against many teams from all around the country.  Our race results are as follows:


Men’s Open 4+

6th Place with time 15:34.49.


Women’s Novice 4+

Head of the Brazos - Fall 2014

We had an great weekend in Waco for the Head of the Brazos regatta.  Everyone put forth their best effort to compete against Austin Rowing Club, St. Edwards, Texas Rowing Club, Northwestern State, Baylor (host), and the University of Texas.  Our race results are as follows:

Women’s Open 4+

2nd Place with time 23:23:00.


Men’s Novice 8+

5th place with time 24:33:00.


Alumni Duel

Alumni Duel is this weekend February 22nd at 9:00AM. This is a chance for Alumni of the team to come back to meet the current rowers and have a little friendly competition. We look forward to having all of our graduates there for a day of fun.

Erg Rodeo

The team had a great showing in Austin for Erg Rodeo. Two of our members placed first in their category by having the fastest time. Everyone had a great time and a really good race. Our team also participated in a 4500 meter relay and won overall! It was a great experience and we look forwad to participating again next year.

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